What is LucentHost?

LucentHost is an easy to use and completely free file upload service. We accept your photos (as well as files and documents, but primarily photos), and return a shareable link for you to send to others. Not that you have friends, though.

Will you keep my files forever?

We doubt it. In order to save space, all files may be purged about every month or so in order to save storage. We may check through larger files to see if there's any mnemonic Bitcoin passwords or Domino's pizza vouchers, but your files won't be unfairly distributed. Planned purges will have a warning shown a week in advance on the homepage.

Speaking of handling files, if there is a copyright issue, DMCA or any other kind of problem and you want content taken down, then you may contact Permanently via email: [email protected]. Not like you'd get a response though, but it's the thought that counts.     we're joking

How can I keep track of my uploads?

Simply create a user on the site and every upload will be associated with your account, granting you access to your uploaded files through the dashboard.

What is the size limit for uploading?

The maximum size limit for uploading is 25MB, reason being is that LucentHost is optimised for images. But hey, who's to say we won't increase it? ;)

Why should I use LucentHost?

You shouldn't. There are too many file upload services out there, and a lot of them rely on Pomf, that image host that shut down. Old, right? In a desperate and unsuccessful attempt of finding a good file uploader that's easily extendable, LucentHost was born. We give you control over your files, we give you a way to sort your uploads into albums for ease of access and we give you an API to use with ShareX or any other thing that let's you make POST requests. As well, we have multiple domain names to customise your image URLs with! Awesome isn't it? Just like you.

Wow, LucentHost sounds awesome! How do I sign up?

Ah, so you haven't discovered the authentication page yet! To start, you can click Dashboard on the frontpage, or simply click here.